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image "I never teach my pupils : I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they learn."
     -  Albert Einstien  
1) Managerial Excellence  
  Workshop Description: This 3-day intensive workshop is
based on the basic management principle of "Think, Plan, Do". Through interaction, case studies and simulation games, the participants develop visionary attitudes and collect enough wisdom to carry out their managerial obligations successfully. Beneficial for middle and senior management levels.
  2) Time Management  
    Workshop Description: The unique feature of this 2-day
practical workshop is that the participants have to start working on their time log and time problems at least a week prior to the interactive sessions. During the workshop, they learn and carry home enough motivation to practice new and better methods to improve their personal time management skills.
  3) Team Building & Leadership  
    Workshop Description: Business success can only be ensured through team input because change is then managed better, customer needs are met more effectively and competitive advantage is more easily gained. This 3-day Workshop imparts the appropriate knowledge and skills for making them effective "Leader-Managers".  
  4) Performance Management  
    Workshop Description: Managers who are not careful can
easily get into "activity-trap". How to avoid the pitfalls and improve their own and overall productivity and performance of their teams, is practised by the participants in this 2-day Workshop. "Nothing else, perhaps, distinguishe
  5) Presentation Skills  
    Workshop Description: In the final analysis, the world goes by perceptions. How one is perceived by others is only a reflection of how one presents. Be it facts and figures, conversations or public addresses and mannerism. This 3-day Workshop is based on the principle that we learn from our mistakes. Besides interaction and lectures during this workshop, the participants while making assigned presentations are video-recorded to replay for learning and improvement.  
  6) Creative Business Writing  
    Workshop Description: The more we are heading towards paper-less offices, the more we have to write: e-mail messages, leaflets, brochures, instruction manuals, reports, summaries, etc. This 2-day workshop meets the various needs of the participants, be it business communication or personal, giving them enough ideas to make their writings "readable" as well as "memorable".  
  7) Thriving on Stress  
    Workshop Description: The Nervous Nineties have witnessed many stressed managers losing control on their professions, personalities and families. This 2-day Workshop not only imparts knowledge on the physical side of "Stress", but also trains the participants to keep the Body-Mind-Intellect equilibrium through Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation.