Performance Appraisal
(Year : _____________)

Name : Date of Birth : Date of Joining.
Designation :   Effective From :  
Department : Location : Grade :
Performance Rating :(On the scale of 1 to 7, 1 being the highest & 7 being the lowest, please rate the subordinate on the following paramaters)
Performance Indicators :   Rating :
1). Quantity of Results Achived    
2). Quality of Results Achived.    
3). Safety & Confidentiality Maintained    
4). Development of People.    
5). Attendence & Tardiness.    
Overall Rating
Any other special & significant achievements during the year:
Signature of Rating Supervisor.
Date :
Review by the rating Supervisor's Manager.
Signature of Manager :
Date :
Definations :
Quantity of Results Achieved : To what extent the indivudial has met the agreed quantified goals.
Quantity of Results Achieved : To what extent were these goals met with the minimum possible costs & disruptions..
Safety & Confidentiality : To what extent the indivudial has met the safety standards & protected the company information within his / her charge.
Development of People: : To what extent the indivudial has trained the team members & has has actually delegated.
Attendence & Tardiness : To what extent the indivudial has shown punctuality in attending office & has taken quick & accurate actions in fulfilling his duties & reaponsiblities

Definition of Performance Ratings
Where the employee is either "new" on the job, or is not performing to any degree of satisfaction.
Where the employee is "learning"(a new skill or a new job) but has not acquired adequate proficiency.
Where the employee has picked upgood knowledge and skills for the job requirements, but is still has a long way to go to be called "Proficient"
Where the employee is working to the level of full "satisfaction" for the job requirement.
Where the employee has acquired proficiency and is discharging the job responsibility without much guidance from the superiors.
Where the employee is performing to a level superseding the requirement of the job.
Where the employee has shown consistent overall superlative performance throughout the year and is fully ready to discharge the responsibilities of a higher level.

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